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Los Angeles,  Realtor  

EHM was great! I hired them to help a couple of my clients get back on track with their home maintenance. They came in and took an overwhelming task and turned it into an easy-to-follow game plan. Now my clients know when to change out filters, what to have their housekeepers do for deep cleaning quarterly and monthly as well as the upkeep of other things around the house. A couple of clients have loved it so much they have them come to manage the maintenance so they don't even have to think about it. I've hired them myself as well for putting together cleaning lists and gardener tasks. They took things I didn't want to handle off my plate and now I have more time to run my business and be with my family. I'd highly recommend EHM. Professional, courteous, and great problem solvers!

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Los Angeles, Homeowner

Last fall I decided to venture into a large home remodel project with an interior designer and had a set deadline for everything that needed to be completed by. This was a huge undertaking that included major external and internal repairs and maintenance. EHM worked with the designer to oversee some of the remodel work including electrical, stone work, cabinetry, painting, plumbing, and handyman services. They also managed tree trimming, changes to gardening and landscape, deck refinishing, gutter cleaning, power washing, window washing, and a solar panel install. The project was finished in time! EHM has a great team with project management skills and I still utilize their services for regular home maintenance and repairs.

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West Hollywood, Homeowner

As a busy business professional who travels a lot, there is great comfort in knowing Patricia is checking on my home twice per week while I am away. I have utilized her services now for 2 years. She inspects my home on a continuous basis and manages security, maintenance, contractors, and staff. Any repairs she brings to my attention and any projects I give to her she handles right away. Patricia is always on-site to meet with contractors for estimates, supervises projects, and manages invoices to keep finances in check. 

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